Children and Youth

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Sunday school classes take place for children pre-K through 5th grade between 10:45 and 11:30 in the Parish Hall, September through May. The children are divided into age-appropriate classes, each of which is led by two adults.

Pre-K through Grade 2 – Godly Play

Godly play is an imaginative approach to Christian Formation that engages children through story and play. Questions invite the children to “wonder” about the story and what it might mean. Founded on the Montessori principles of learning, this curriculum allows children to make theological meaning out of their lives, and deepen their understanding of God’s love and God’s work in the world. Godly Play has a Montessori foundation with 40+ years of research and practice.

Grades 3-4 – Holy Moly!  Grades 5-6 – Connect  Grades 7-8 – Re-Form, Ancestors

Students in grades 3-8 will study the Scriptural narrative at age-appropriate levels. Each class for these grades begin with a short animated video that tells a story in a humorous way. Students are then invited to explore the characters in the story, discuss how God acts within the story, relate the story to their own lives, and then to create something or have a deeper discussion about how God works through each one of us.