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Getting Married at Emmanuel

Weddings are wonderful. The clergy at Emmanuel both love the preparations, getting to know the couple, and then being a part of the ceremony itself. If you would like to consider getting married at Emmanuel, your first step is to call the office at 401-658-1506, or send an e-mail to You will be able to make an appointment with one of the members of our clergy who will talk with you about your wedding.

In order to be married in the Episcopal Church:

  1. At least one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian.
  2. You must do pre-marital counseling – either with one of our clergy members, or with another appropriate person. This usually consists of 3-5 meetings that are scheduled at the convenience of the clergy member and the couple. Don’t let this scare you – pre-marital meetings are wonderful, and holy, and helpful, and fun!
  3. If either member has been married before, the priest will need to get permission from the Bishop before officiating.

We invite you to consider Emmanuel for your wedding ceremony and encourage you to contact us with questions or information regarding available dates. We are a welcoming and affirming congregation and are pleased to do weddings for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

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